QBinc is an abreviation for Qube Incorporated

QBinc is a full service web application design company. We specialize in development of intelligent corporate websites. Our inhouse programmers are able to produce webpages from standard HTML to advanced dynamic webpages, using DHTML, Java or ASP.

At QBinc, we treat every client individually, giving each one an affordable tailor-made solution to fulfil their exact intra- or internet requirements.

Our Development team has the following skills:
  • Microsoft Visual Basic(VB) .Net, C# .Net, Visual Interdev, Visual Basic, Borland Delphi
  • Using technologies like ASP .Net, .Net Web Services, XML , Active Server Pages (ASP), Component Object Model (COM), Dynamic COM (DCOM), Dynamic HTML (DHTML), JavaScript/VBScript
  • Office Automation (Intergrate with Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Access, etc.)
  • Database Technologies: SQL and Access
  • Networking/ Web Server technologies: Windows 2000 Server, Windows NT4
  • Secure environments: SSL, Virtual Private Networks (VPN)